Celebrating 20 years in the Personal Training Business!

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Yvette Smith Memphis Leading Personal trainer for 20 years!



Check out Getting Fit in Memphis with Yvette and Olivia Smith! 
Featured on Comcast cable, channel 17 tuesday at 3 pm.

Give the gift of inspiration with Yvette's ebook on Amazon.com : Building Character: The Journey of a Personal Trainer. Click on link below.


Check out Yvette in 2006 Getting ready for the Tennessee Bodybuilding Championships!  1st winner place light weight.

Watch her routine on utube.  Click on link below!

Yvette's routine!


Fitness Olivia Skating at 1 years old.

Olivia on Utube trying to be her like mom.

Most people spend thousands of dollars on medications and other health care cost.  You can save thousands of dollars today by investing in your health and fitness!  Take control of your life you only have one!  Hire a personal trainer!  (901)366-2866




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You  have got to try Zumba with Yvette!  Check out video demo below!


Yvette Smith has been a Personal Trainer since 1995.  She has a B.A. in Exercise Science from the University of Memphis, A.S. in Applied Nutrition from Huntington College of Health sciences and an MBA from Ashford University.  She is currently working on her Doctorate in Business at Walden University.  She is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Memphis.  She has a television show on channel 17,Tuesday's at 3 pm called Getting Fit in Memphis.  She started the 100 pound club featured on Fox 13 News and Good Morning Memphis.  She has been featured in the Commercial Appeal, Health and Fitness Magazine, Germantown news and various other publications.  She was on the Cover of the Good Health Magazine in January of 2014.  She has taken Nationally recognized certifications in the following areas: Step,Kickboxing,Pilates,Yoga,Aquatics,lifeguarding,Mom's in Motion,Spinning,Yoga, Zumba and Aerobics.    She has competed in various bodybuilding,fitness, 100 mile bike rides, ultra marathons and various other sporting events over the years.  She has helped hundreds of client's  in the Memphis area lose weight and reach their health and fitness goals. She is also a Corrective Exercise Specialists with the NASM.  She has published her first e-book called " The Memoir of a Famous Personal Trainer:  Yvette Smith".  This e-book can be purchased on Amazon.com.

Yvette Smith's Personal Training Studio

  Memphis Premier Professional Personal Fitness Trainer for Women.

Mission:  Helping our customers improve their overall quality of life through health and fitness.

Values:  A committed Personal Trainer serving with integrity, respect, discipline and dedication.

Why should you sign up with Yvette Smith's Personal Training Studio?

1. Value Where else can you get access to one on one personal training,a grocery store session, personalized workout program consisting of cardio,wts and stretching all in one package.

2.  Affordable If you add up all of the services available in the package you will find that Yvette smith's prices are the most affordable in Memphis.

3. Proper Guidance Yvette smith has a B.A in Exercise Science, A.S in Applied Nutrition, M.B.A. and is currently working on her Doctorate.   She has taken numerous national level professional fitness certifications in order to help her to be the most knowledgeable and professional fitness trainer in Memphis.  She has helped thousands of people lose weight specifically 100 pounds.  She has the knowledge and educational background to help you reach your fitness goals.

4.  Motivation Yvette Smith practices what she preaches.  She has been working out for 23 years and Personal training other people for 18 years.  This is a lifestyle for her and she can help you develop a healthier lifestyle habit also.

5. Discipline Yvette will help you to establish discipline in the arena of exercise.  You will have a set schedule every week.  You will have a customized program that will help you to establish the habit of working out.

6.Personal Yvette has a small personal training studio. It is a non intimidating personal one on one environment. 

7.Achievable Yvette has put together customized workout programs that are designed to help you achieve your goal.  They are hard but, achievable and you will feel like a winner when you complete your workout.

8. Relieve Stress It has been proven that people who workout  and eat healthy have fewer health problems and elevated stress levels.

9.Preventative Health Care IF you workout and eat healthy you lower your risk for different diseases.  You also have fewer sick days and bouts of depression.  This will save you money in the long run with the growing cost of health care insurance.

10. Be wise and invest in your health today by calling Yvette Smith at (901)366-2866

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Personal Training packages consist of One on One personal training,fitness assessment,grocery store session,1 workout journal,weight training, cardiovascular training, and stretching.  Sessions may be modified based upon clients fitness level and goals. Call now! (901)366-2866